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WELCOME – Hobbs Legal Solutions is a Consumer

Focused Team of Attorneys in Irvine, California,

Specializing in Bankruptcy and Lender Litigation

Our firm is comprised of experienced attorneys that have represented plaintiffs and consumers from all over the country in many complex and high profile litigation matters.

Consumer Protection Our teams of attorneys represent many consumers, who have been victimized by fraudulent, abusive, and predatory business and lending practices. Our attorneys have been successful in prosecuting intricate and complex cases against some of the world’s largest corporations, manufacturers and insurance companies. Our main offices are located in the Irvine/Santa Ana/Anaheim area in Orange County, but we do serve the entire state of California.

We focus on complex and major damage cases in the areas of:
We will fight for you!

“I have been helping people in need for over 30 years” – by Victor Hobbs

We are aggressive in working with your lender, or lenders, to restructure your current loan(s) by providing you with a unique, professional plan that you and your lender can accept. We do NOT like to hear “NO” from the other side.

We fully understand that you have a serious problem and only a short time to overcome the real possibility of losing your property.The lender wants to see provable relationship between the

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